White Label Marketing

Does your company service a variety of clients and want to expand? Hiring and managing new employees, new equipment, rent costs, and benefits are all factors that have to be considered when expanding your company. Don’t stress though, there is a better option.

Stingray Branding LLC of Charleston, South Carolina has been serving clients for over 10 years and has a completely qualified team to assist your clients. We have the resources and expertise to allow you to expand your service offering, make a profit, and have happy clients forever.

Before you start hiring consider how our white label marketing services can help you:

  • Your brand on all materials: create an email account for us to use and we will communicate and operate with clients as if we were your employee and redirect all sales inquiries back to you
  • Cost effective rates to produce a competitive profit margin for you
  • Quality services that produce results for happy clients
  • Industry standard turn around time on new projects
  • Same day response to all inquiries and service requests
  • 3 Day turnaround for all service requests (same day if it is urgent)
  • We can work where you need us: ongoing marketing support or one time projects.

White Label Marketing Services

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