STING Report

A Marketing Plan to help you Succeed!

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we all know we need a business plan, LLC agreement, and our legal documents. Yet, most business professionals, simply forget about one of the most important documents for your business, your marketing plan.

A marketing plan is just as important as a business plan and LLC agreement. If you don’t know how you will find sales, how do you expect to succeed?

Our STING Report is a complete & comprehensive marketing plan
that will help you to identify:

What makes you unique,
How to market to your clients,
How to communicate your value,
How to measure your marketing goals,
How to set your marketing goals,
Who your competitors are,
Who your ideal client is,
& More!

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What does the STING Report include?

Your STING Report starts with an in-depth discovery meeting with our team. We will go through a thorough question session, of course with coffee, to ensure we completely understand what you do, who you are, and what is important to you.

Then we go to work. Through our own creative genius (or deep brainstorming) sessions we construct the carefully and incredibly specialized marketing plan, just for you.

Your Marketing Plan will include:

Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it?

marketing goals, marketing, plan, business, marketing planWhat is your goal? Until you can clearly communicate why you are in business, you can’t figure out what makes you different, what value you provide, or really anything else. You have to understand the reason why you provide your products or services to understand how you will use them to solve problems for others.

This is step 1 and through a thorough conversation we will help you to identify the passion and purpose behind what you do every day.

Anyone can describe the benefits of their products or services. What sets your marketing apart and creates the desire for someone to purchase is conveying your value.

No one cares what your actual product is. What matters to your new customer is how your product is going to solve a problem they have. We will help you to understand the actual problems you are solving and the value that creates for the consumer. Once we know this we can start working on your differentiation and unique selling proposition.

That’s a valid question. Information is only as useful as how it is used. You must understand how implementing your marketing plan lines up with accomplishing your business plan. Once you can understand how the two work together, you have the ability to execute. You can use the roadmap of your marketing plan to accomplish your goals, which allows you to fulfill your vision. You need all 3 to have success in business; Vision, Goals, and a Plan.

You can’t create a military strategy without including the enemy in your plans. Nor can you plan your marketing without understanding who your competitors are, how they are marketing, and how they are differentiating themselves from you.

It is impossible to establish your differentiation analysis and to determine your Unique Selling Proposition without understanding your competitors, and in detail.

usp, differentiation, unique selling proposition, segmentationArguably the most neglected and undervalued questions in business. So many businesses will tell us “CUSTOMER SERVICE!”, when asked what makes them better than their competitors. Guess what? YOU. ARE. WRONG. You have to know what makes your business different from every single competitor in your market. You have to understand with depth what makes you UNIQUE.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Then, once you actually know what your Unique Selling Proposition is, you have to market it until the cows come home. It should be in your slogan, in your mission, and in your Cheerios. You need to eat, breathe, and smell your USP. Everyone should know it because it’s all they should hear. This is what your business and your marketing is based on. This is why your customers buy from you over another.

Don’t worry, our team is ready to help you identify and market the most important piece of information about your business.

Everyone, right? Nope. Everyone over 18? Wrong again. Women? Nope. 

Your ideal client needs to be so clear you can see them in your mind. Our report will help you to understand the

  • segmentation, business, marketing, marketing plan, charleston, small businessAge
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Background
  • Family Demographics
  • Income
  • Lifestyle
  • Interests
  • Shopping Habits
  • Comfort Zones

Why so many details? You have to know who you need to target, where they make their purchases, and what influences those decisions to know how to market to them.

Once we understand how you are different, what value you provide, and who your ideal clients are, we can make a plan to market to them.

You have to know how much your client is worth to understand how much you should spend to acquire them. With our report, you will come to understand how much value you get by creating a one-time and a lifetime customer. Then we can understand what you should be spending on which platforms to acquire your ideal clients and how much that is worth to you.

SEO, Keywords, Content Relevancy, Adwords, PPC, SEM, ABC, 123, JKLMNOP, all these acronyms, what do they even mean? Who knows? We do! Don’t get confused and duped with all these crazy acronyms and the lingo. We are happy to help you determine the right keywords for your business. Through analyzing keywords search volume, difficulty to rank, and several other factors we can ensure that your marketing is based on effective keywords that will work.

Once we know the words to use we will layout an effective SEO strategy that will help you to ensure you can work towards a Page 1 Google ranking.

There are so many marketing platforms that you can use to help reach your prospective clients. How do you determine which ones? How do you use them? What ROI should you get from each platform? We will analyze each potential platform to determine the best options for your business.

Once we have decided on the platforms for your business to use, we will create a plan to execute your marketing on each platform to include:

  • Delivery
  • Goals
  • Estimated ROI
  • Suggested Budget
  • How you will stand out
  • What will be considered a success

Once you have a budget, you have to know how to spend it. There are numerous platforms to spend your marketing dollars on. Even once we determine the proper platforms for you, it still may be tricky to decide what amount you should spend on each platform within the constrains of your budget. We will layout the plan of what you should allot to each platform and what you platforms you should add as your revenue is increased.

Can’t decide how you should execute your marketing plan? There are options to consider. Most debate between doing it themselves, hiring an employee, or contracting a company like ourselves. We layout the pro’s/con’s, costs, and arguments for each to help you make the best decision for your company.