Social Media Marketing

Put a STING in your Social Media Marketing!

How many hours a day or week do you spend looking at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat? We spend quite a few, and so do your customers. Let’s face it, Social Media is one of the most important marketing platforms of our current time.

We love to be social and we thrive on helping your company create a great reputation online. Our team provides fantastic Social Media Management services for all businesses.

Some of our social services are:

  • New Profile Creation
  • Existing Profile Optimization
  • Custom Graphics
  • Marketing Plan creation
  • Monthly Social Media Management
    • Daily Postings on Facebook, Twitter, & your choice of Google My Business/LinkedIn/Twitter/Alignable
    • Ad Campaigns
    • Contests, polls, and viral post management
    • Managed in accordance with your Marketing Plan
    • Prompt Response to messages & user engagements
    • Increased Following
    • Monthly Reports
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We are experts in creating and managing a professional online presence for your small business. At Stingray Branding of Charleston, SC, we utilize the best practices to establish & maintain a successful social media presence.

Whether you need your social media profiles set up, optimized, or managed, we have you covered. Our design team will create branded images for your pages and optimize all of your content. We build your pages in a way to direct traffic to your website and drive customers to contacting you for service. View examples of our recent social media pages below. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about our social media marketing services.

Let’s Get Social!

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How We Do It


In order for us to be you, we must get to know you well. Really well. We have an in-depth New Client Questionnaire as well as a Social Media Discovery form for you to complete. This provides us valuable insight into your company, preferences, personality, and marketing plan. Upon reviewing those, our team will follow up to review your answers and obtain additional company info.

Social Strategy

Once you know who you are and how you operate, we will internally create a thorough social media strategy. We regularly review and adjust your strategy to ensure that your postings and ads are created to drive leads & website traffic to your business.


We execute your social media strategy with purpose and intentional direction. Through great organization, client communication, and constant monitoring we create your personalized content and ensure it is delivered. When you receive messages, comments, or reviews, we reply. Our team ensures that you have a constant online appearance.

Monitoring & Review

We review all of your posts and engagement reports to identify what content is successful and what needs to be adjusted for improved performance. We also send you monthly reports on your results. This way, you always know what kind of results you are getting in your social media. Transparency and communication is vital in marketing. We are happy to meet with you every quarter to review your reports and identify items that can improve your marketing strategy.