E-Commerce Web Design

Increase Your Profits, Lower Your Costs

e-commerce, website security, web design, charleston ecommerceE-commerce opens up a completely new revenue stream for your business, that doesn’t cost very much to run, and works 24/7! With a powerful website, proper Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, you can produce sales from your current clients, referred clients, and clients you don’t even know. E-Commerce allows your business to sell for you while you are working, sleeping, on vacation, sick, and well… all the time. If you are looking for an effective way to increase your profits, this is how. Call our experienced team today to learn more about our e-commerce solutions.

Why use Stingray?

Multiple Platform Options
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What E-Commerce Web Design Costs

ecommerce, web design, website design, stripe, payments online, membershipStarting as low as $350, you can add e-commerce to an existing site we are building or have already built. This cost, of course, varies depending on features and the amount of products you have, but when comparing this to hiring a full-time assistant or salesperson, it just makes sense.

Cost of a new employee:
$2,000 per month + insurance/benefits + training/mistakes + marketing to get leads =
$3,500+ per month!

Cost of a good e-commerce strategy:
$350 site upgrade + $300 or more in ads + $175 Marketing Package =
$350 one time and $500 per month.

Which makes more sense to you?

Website Security

We utilize industry-leading security certificates and encryption when setting up our E-Commerce or HIPAA compliant websites. From the SSL to the payment processing and virtual terminal, we ensure every piece of Personal Information is encrypted. Our servers are also secure and virtual to prevent on-site hacking or employee sabotage. When it comes to protecting you and your customers, we take it very seriously. Site security starts at $75 a year.