Our Process

What can you expect when you work with Stingray Branding?

Simple. Amazing customer service and effective results. 

Step 1: Do an in-depth review… of your business and your current marketing solutions. We don’t just want to create a sales ad online, but a viable resource to streamline the processes of your business and create additional revenue through sales or leads.

Step 2: Create a plan of action… of how to improve your branding and marketing within the budget that your company has. Whether you have $400 or $40,000 we are able to analyze what will give you the best return on investment and how to properly spend that budget. We are here to be your marketing coach and teammate, not just your web designer.

Step 3: Let’s get to work… We will execute whatever was discussed in our planning stage. We will create designs and marketing that relate to your industry and targeted audience. All of our designs and marketing are executed while considering all factors of marketing (design, web, social media, print, etc.) so that as you grow, everything can flow.

Step 4: Review and adjust… We suggest regular reviews of your marketing plan and what we have done for you so that we can continue to adjust and optimize your marketing based on changes in your industry.

 A marketing plan and coach is not a one time deal, but a lifelong relationship focused on your success.

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