Facts and Questions

Why use Stingray Branding?
Simple. We under promise and over deliver for a fair price.

Stingray Branding has been in business over 10 years with over 25 combined years of experience.

With ownership being from Charleston, South Carolina we know the Southeast market and how to grow your business in it. We have had experience doing it ourselves.

If you are looking for a friend in the marketing business, look no further.

Do I really need a website?
If you plan on having a business that grows in this century, yes.

98% of people find businesses today through either word of mouth referral or online searches. The kicker is that typically when someone tells another about a business, they go and research them online.

What costs are involved with a website?
Four main costs: Domain Name (like a radio station ID), Web Hosting, Website Design, Changes after your website is live
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes. We give $50 off to all Great Business Networking, North Charleston Chamber of Commerce, and Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce Members. We also give 10% off all services to Active, Reserve, or Retired Military Service Members.

We also offer referral fees to other marketing companies that refer a client to us.

What else can a website do besides just advertise?
When looking to build your company a website, we look to do more than just put up an online business card.

We want to help make you more efficient and help your company grow with current technology. Sometimes just adding an employment application can help. For others, you may need an entire video training series and documents to be accessible for your sales agents online.

Either way, we can help save you money on your bottom line every month.

How long does it take to design a new website?
Typically it takes 5-8 weeks. This includes the time to plan the site, design it, and make changes before launch. If you have all of your media/content ready to go from the start it can be done quicker. We can also rush a project for a fee.
Is there a difference in a $5 logo and a $299 logo?
Yes. However, this is not the proper question to ask. Instead, ask if you are committed to your business enough to invest in it. Your logo is your brand, it describes everything you do, it tells people the quality of your work, and more importantly it can make or break your business when proper designing is not pre-planned and thought out.

We are people in this community that have a reputation and care about you succeeding. Is the $5 person really that invested in you?

Can you help me with E-Commerce?
Yes. From setting up your products online to helping pair you with a credit card processor, we are here to help. We have the network and team that can help build your online store in a way to drive sales and work flawlessly behind the scenes.

From product inventory to QuickBooks integration, we can help streamline your online sales for maximum efficiency.

I already have a site and just need a few changes...
We can typically help with this. We are a full web development and branding agency. As long as you have the original design files we can usually help you make any changes you need and turn it back over to you.
Can I make changes after the site is designed?
Absolutely! We have two easy options to do so: We can either teach you how to make changes yourself, or as most people do.. just e-mail us and we can make any updates you need within a day or two.
Will you help to do the marketing at my live event?
No problem! We can either be on-scene at an event, teach your intern how to properly use social media at a live event, or do it remotely for you.
My website is losing ranking on Google!
Lots of sites do and the reasons vary. Stingray is happy to do a full, in-depth audit of your current site and help you make changes to ensure your site stays well ranked on search engines. There is a lot that goes into search engine marketing and optimization. Let an expert help you.
Can't I just build my own website?
GoDaddy and Wix would like for you to think so.

Let me ask you this: Can I do my own carpentry, my own landscaping, my own painting, and my own pool installation? Yeah, probably. But will it be as good as hiring an expert that has experience to do it? No!

Focus on your strengths and what you love to do, and you will make more money by allowing us to handle the other stuff for you. Business owners typically burn out because they try to do everything. Stop trying to do everything and let us help you be successful.

See our article: “Do you need a marketing company? NO!” for more info.

I am a Real Estate Agent, Independent Salesman or Sub-Contractor.
A lot of people believe that their company website that they have an agent page on will bring them business. No. It won’t. Typically those pages aren’t appealing and have nothing to help with user interaction.

You need to build your own brand as in your name. When potential or current clients see you online they need to be able to interact with your products/services and have the ability to buy or contact you. Due to prior experience in direct sales, we can help you build your own unique brand within and outside of your parent company.

Why use Stingray for my hosting?
Have you called into GoDaddy or a major company with a hosting question or complaint? It typically takes several minutes to several hours of sitting on hold until you get on the line with someone that doesn’t even live in this country. You can’t understand them and they don’t know what you are talking about.

By the time you hang up, an hour or more has been wasted and you still have to figure out how to fix the problem.

Why not just email, text, or call us and we can address any concerns, complaints, or problems you have for you without wasting your time.